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Yellow-haired female likes waffles and news.

((Character journal of Leslie Knope for [community profile] cfud, as played by [personal profile] robowolf. Player and contact info is here. Almost all of my icons were made by me from screencaps by [ profile] grande_caps.))

Interests (150):

adorableness, all night work, america, andy dwyer, ann, ann ann ann, ann is amazing, ann is awesome, ann is beautiful, ann is my best friend, ann perkins, ann the best nurse, ann you gorgeous infant, ann!, ann!!, ann!!1!, april ludgate, avoiding the library, being a female role model, being a feminist, being a part of my own otp, being an inspiration, being friends with ann, being the first female president in history ever, ben, ben is my boyfriend, ben wyatt, ben's mouth, best town in america, best town on earth, besties before testes, brainstorming, breakfast foods, camping, candy, cats, celebrating women, chillin' like a villain, chris traeger, city council, color-coordinated binders, coming up with awesome headlines, community gardens, cuteness, damnit jerry, diaphena, diaphena hunting the stag, dogs, donna meagle, establishing a playground for camp, feminism, fish, frick yeah feminism!, galentine's day, gift giving, girls and women and ladies and females, go hoosiers!, group activities, hanging out with ann, harry potter, having opinions, herstory, hiking, history, hoes before broes, hogwarts, hoosiers, hunting, i love ann, impressing my mom, indiana university, indiana university bloomington, inspiring girls, jammin' on my planner, jeggings, jj's diner, kissing ben, li'l sebastian, making out like famous historical women, making out on ben's face, making out with ben, making powerpoints about my romances, making up my own raps, marlene griggs-knope, marrying penguins, model united nations, murals, my friends, my mom, my town, news, not eagleton, not eagleton snobs, not greg pikitis, not salads, not the library, not turtles (they're pretentious), nurse ann, ovaries before brovaries, parks, parks and recreation department, parks parks parks, pawnee, pawnee central, pawnee history, pawnee: the greatest town in america, pikitis!!1!, planning, playgrounds, politics, public office, public parks, public service, pursuing my dreams, researching, ron fucking swanson, ron swanson, servicing the public, serving the public i mean, shooting feminism arrows at marcia langman stags, suck it eagleton!, sugar, sugar highs, sugar substitutes, taking charge, task forces, the harvest festival, the pawnee goddesses, the phantom of the opera, the public, the whiz palace, the wildflower mural on the second floor, throwing awesome parties, tom haverford, trying to solve the raccoon problem, uteruses before duderuses, waffles, whipped cream, witchcraft and wizardry, women's great and varied contributions to society, women's history, women's rights, working, working to better camp, working to better my community, working to better my country, working to better my planet, working together, ♥ ann ♥, ♥ ben ♥
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